One of my favourite words and actually a type of weather event that I really enjoy. The sounds do something special when there’s a haar, crisp but muted at the same time. And with the heat the way it is, it’s a welcome coolant. Extremely pleasant to walk in.

So I went on a haar-walk this morning to see what I could see. It’s well worth doing as it very often creates that wonderful pure white background that you often wish you could use to separate that interesting object away from it’s usually busy backdrop.

This is one of those objects. A disused winch ( I think ) on the Fife Coastal Path, near Inverkeithing. Been waiting for the haar for a while…

christimac-1491 by Christi and Rachel

Here goes.

I’m a photographer. Yes, I know everyone’s a photographer these days, but I’ve been one for a looong time. I was taught by John Blakemore back in the mid 90s, assisted advertising photographers in the late 90s, shooting for Kwik Fit and the like, then ditched it, discouraged, mainly by a jaded boss who in the end hung up his camera by following me into multimedia work. I switched to multimedia design, became a web designer, a graphic designer and finally worked on interfaces for a tech company until last October.

Thing is… I’ve always missed photography.

Now I’m coming back to my first love and am going to make a damn good attempt to make a living from it. This blog is intended as a record of that journey and to serve as a helper for anyone else who decides to follow a similar path.