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After my last post, hankering after the old school, this week  I was very kindly given a slot on a course on Facebook for business by someone who couldn’t attend at the last minute. Very informative, but very bewildering at the same time.

Seems FaceBook is about to become the internet with a forecast of 50% of all online transactions taking place on the site by 2015.

Very glad I went, and I now have a fledgling facebook page at . It’s going to take a bit of time to turn it into an interesting place to return to, but it’s a beginning.

My beautiful old Crown Graphic.

My beautiful old Crown Graphic.

…but on the other hand I love the fact that something that might have taken a day, can be done so quickly now.

I miss the enforced long thought processes that old school photography had, but I love the fact that the feedback loop from concept to draft to finished image is lightning fast now.

I read an article this morning where the photographer said they spent a week of back to back shoots to build a portfolio and got business out of that. That would have been impossible when I came out of uni in ’97. The art form has been turned upside down in the last 15 years, but given that photography was always the great democratiser, that’s how it should be.

Isn’t it?


Fingers crossed

I’m a superstitious photographer. Back in the days of film and chemicals, no matter how well I knew the process, I was never quite convinced it would work out and always held my breath while I took the film out of the developing canisters.

Because it was magic.

Much as I love the digital world now, that magic has pretty much gone. The superstitiousness of it hasn’t though. That resides in one place in my mind. The Alamy stock library website. I managed to pass the technical quality tests for the site many moons ago but the ability to pixel peep has made image library QA a dark art. In my day the grain in the film was far bigger than pixels are now so it was never an issue really. Even with large format stuff. If you knew your chops you were fine.

At Alamy though, it depends whether the moon is full, how grumpy the QA person is, and if there have been any squirrels sighted that day*. You know you’ve done what you can to get your work on the site, but now it’s down to the small gods.So yesterday I spent the day whittling 250 images down to 10 I was  fairly confident of and then tweaking them. I uploaded them, crossed my fingers and prepared for a two week wait before I heard the bad news.

Today I found out that my crossed fingers worked. I have more images up on Alamy and a slightly better understanding of what’s required. The turnaround was lightning quick though. It always used to be two weeks, but this was much less than 24 hours, which makes Alamy a lot more viable for me.

I can’t say I won’t be superstitious when I submit my next batch, but it may just be a prayer to the small gods rather a crossed fingers, toes, and a live sacrifice next time. 😉
*squirrels are the harbingers of DOOM.

Grass by Christi MacPherson (PixelChristi) on
Grass by Christi MacPherson
I’m working on an idea for a show now. This is very simply lit, even Heath Robinson to be honest. Window lit from the side, reflector at the other and a reflector as a white background, but blasted out of focus to get rid of the wrinkles.

There even a little sliver of Dark Matter* itself to hold things together.

*otherwise known as black gaffer tape.